Success Stories

  • Kirk Nagy states:

    • “Our time at NCERC was a great tool in understanding everything that we learned in class so far. All of the staff took the time and even went out of their way to make sure we were given the best possible experience. They were always professional and showed us the utmost respect. They took the time to answer any and all questions no matter what they were. This experience has been one of the most educational so far in the process technician program. The hands on experience we gained will go far in helping us to become great process technician at any place we end up working.”

  • Martin Ritter states:

    • “Over the last two weeks, we have learned more work knowledge that will help us in the field than any class could teach. The hands on experience of being able to run the startup and shutdown process of the plant has been extremely helpful. In the process operator world, we have the ability to be an outside operator or an inside operator. We were giving the ability to learn both. Being able to look at the DCS system and be able to tell what is going on in the process. Making changes in the DCS and being able to go actually look and see how it affected the process. The ability to look at the DCS system and know where levels and pressure should be at we were able to learn how to troubleshoot to get things to the right levels.  The issues that we had during the week with the PH levels and Enzymes being off showed us how to correctly troubleshoot to find the underlying cause of the problem. As an Operator, it is important to be able to notice a problem and be able to narrow the problem down to a particular area and work through the process of fixing it. Every aspect of the process we learned and was able to follow from the corn truck coming in all the way to the end where we did the CIP and shutdown of equipment. The experience we learned over the last 2 weeks was so valuable to learning and development of my process operator career.”