Certificate of Proficiency: Process Operations Technology at Lewis and Clark Community College

The Process Operations Technology (PTEC) program at Lewis and Clark Community College (L&C) was developed in collaboration with ConocoPhillips in Wood River, Illinois, and in consultation with the Sigma-Aldrich Corporation headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and the Center for the Advancement of Process Technology in the Gulf Coast region. Completion of the program’s various credentialing options and supervised on-site internship experiences results in a high probability of placement within the biochemical, oil and gas exploration, and production and power generation industries.

The Certificate of Proficiency in Process Operations Technology at Lewis and Clark Community College includes 41.5 credit hours of coursework and has an 18 months duration of studies.


Students take courses in chemistry or biochemistry, physics, mathematics, and fire safety and emergency response, in addition to the process technology coursework outlined below:

PRCS-131 Introduction to Process Technology

PRCS-133 Process Technology Equipment I

PRCS-134 Process Technology Equipment II

PRCS-135 Safety, Health and Environment

PRCS-151 Process Instrumentation Control I

PRCS-231 Quality Control

PRCS-252 Process Instrumentation Control II

PRCS-255 Process Technology Systems

PRCS-256 Process Technology Operations

PRCS-265 Process Troubleshooting

PRCS-271 Process Technology Internship


  • This career option has grown by 24% over the last 2 years.
  • Currently thousands of operators and technicians are employed regionally.


  • Plant Operator
  • Process Operator
  • Plant Technician
  • Process Technician
  • Manufacturing Technician
  • Maintenance Technician

For more information or to pursue the Certificate of Proficiency in Process Operations Technology at Lewis and Clark Community College: http://www.lc.edu/program/processop/

Contact Case Manager Alice Bunjan: abunjan@lc.edu, 618-468-2730