Online Bioenergy A.A.S at Southeastern Illinois College

Our program prepares students to find a position in the bioenergy industry, transfer to a senior institution for advanced training, or participate in an entrepreneurial role in this field.

SIC’s Online Biofuels program provides standardized training in both traditional credit-based education and competency-aligned training in the bioenergy industry.


Available at SIC

  • Biofuels Production and Sustainability | A.A.S Degree


Career Outlook

  • Facility Operator | $45,000

  • Instrumentation Technician | $51,000

  • Maintenance Technician | $36,000  

  • Biomass Plant | $55,000

  • Biofuels Processing Technician | $55,000


This career has grown by 10% over the last 2 years, and is expected to decline by 3% over the next 10 years.




To pursue Bioenergy at SIC Contact:

  • Benjamin Ross
    Bioenergy Program Coordinator
    618-252-5400, Ext. 2248