Bioeconomy Employers of Illinois

The Building Illinois' Bioeconomy Consortium facilitates strong and beneficial relationships for our students who take advantage of the many hands-on training opportunities through the Consortium and enter the workforce prepared. 

Regional employers in the bioeconomy are encouraged to look at our students as potential candidates for everything from temporary internship opportunities to full-time careers. Students of the Building Illinois' Bioeconomy Consortium are prepared to enter many industries including water quality control, bioprocess and process operations, restoration ecology, bio-based technologies, biofuels, biomaterials, agriculture watershed, and more. Due to the flexibility of the programs, many students have been able to earn gainful employment prior to finishing their degree programs or choose to pursue further education.

Many different companies from vast array of industries across the region have employed graduates of the BIB Consortium programs and continue to see the value in employing students with a variety of backgrounds and training. The relationships that the Consortium has with its regional employers are based on trust from dozens of well-skilled graduates.