What We Do


The Building Illinois’ Bioeconomy Consortium strives for the development of a well-trained quality workforce by merging the collective strengths and resources of each partner school with a network of committed regional employers. At the core of the consortium’s mission is transforming the workforce to create a talent pipeline and meet industry needs through educational programs leading to bioeconomy careers.


The BIB Consortium has created clear pathways to bioeconomy jobs by:

BIB fields

 leafOffering multiple training options for certificates, two year and four year degrees 

 leafOffering the ability for students to build upon certificates and two-year degrees to continue their education

 leafProviding enrolled students with support from career counselors who guide them through their program of choice and help them get a job

 leafOffering advanced online and technology enabled learning

 leafOffering several programs that allow students to enroll on a rolling basis anytime during the year

BIB description